GH Media School Holds 4th Cohort Graduation Ceremony.

The Best Private Media School in Ghana,Gh Media School has held it 4th Cohort Graduation ceremony to award students for successful completion of their 2 year Diploma studies.​

The occasion themed “Skill Based Training;the panacea for Youth Unemployment”  was graced by key personalities in the Media fraternity ,and sort to reward individual students who excelled in their various field of study.

Academic Award winners for the day were as follows:

  • T.V Presenting-Catherine Essilfie
  • Radio Presenting-Osei Regina
  • News Paper Reporting-Asiamah Sarah
  • Media Marketing-Catherine Essilfie
  • Broadcast Journalism-Sarah Asiamah
  • Media Law-Adifu Evelyn
  • P.R & Advertising-Claudia Prempeh
  • Production Management-Louis S.K Apetor
  • English For Media-Asiamah Sarah
  • Editing-Eze Chioma Victoria
  • Camera Operations-Bortey Owu Philip
  • Script Writing- Amey Delali Obed
  • Sound-Gilbert Ahiable
  • Directing-Amey Delali Obed
  • Art Direction-Yardley Abraham
  • Animation-Eze Chioma Victoria


  • Journalism & Media Studies(J.M.S)-Asiamah Sarah
  • Television & Film Production(TVFP)-Eze Chioma Victoria
  • Integrated Marketing Communications(IMC)-Claudia Prempeh

The Overall Best Student Award which was the Award’s center of attraction had Eze Chioma Victoria(TVFP),Claudia Prempeh(IMC)  and Asiamah Sarah(JMS) as nominees.

The Director of Academics,Mr Clifford Ladzekpo pronounced Ms Eze Chioma Victoria as the Overall Best Student of the graduating batch.

Mr Clifford Ladzepo further acknowledged Ms Eze Chioma Victoria for her success chalked outside the confines of the school, which includes Her award received as the Best Animation Student at the Ghana Tertiary Awards 2017, which played an instrumental role in Her naming as the Overall Best Student.​

Uploading…Other Non-Academic Award winners included;

  • Emmanuel Nii Martey(Tazz)- Producing
  • Samira Musah- Production Management
  • Kwame Afriyie(Kwame Morale)-Excellence in Practical Radio Presenting
  • Gilbert Ahiable- Engineering aid
  • Boahene Francis- Service & commitment to school
  • Afoakwa Justina- Best Dressed Student
  • Deborah Ofosuwaa Ampedu-Well Behaved
  • Francisca Addo- Practical Entrepreneurship 

Mr Louis S.K Apetor, the SRC President of the graduating group in his speech took time to recount some fond memories they had on campus with the Faculty of the school. His speech sent laughter on the faces of all and sundry, especially Faculty and Graduands.

As Idiosyncratic of every Awards event, there were some graduands who registered unofficially their disapproval of some awardees, with others also expressing their displeasure on only the Certificates received by awardees without other motivational prices attached to it.

The Registrar of the School, Mr Michael Fosu Faakye officially ended the glamour inundated event by calling on graduands to sing and file-out with Methodist Hymn 413,“A charge to keep I have”.

Bn 2006 & 2018, $200mhas been spent on Football

About $5m is gain illegally from football

Kwesi Nyantekyi is the 2nd most powerful man in African football & part of de 24 most powerful in FIFA

Nyantekyi replaced Nyaho Temakloe as F.A Boss

You need $12m to gain contract in Ghana..President takes 5m, Vice 3m

He has served 13 years in football

Monchinson Syndrome

Malingrin- telling lies for a reason of running from something

-10,000 net migration of Ghanaians, South Africa +12000

29.6m Ghanas population..2.5m growth a year- 14th most Populated country in Africa

Try, Fail,Repeat and u will succeed

There is no education without transformation- Mr Faakye

32%-Gov’t, 9%-BoG, 7%, 2%-Belstar-Staff-ADB Shareholders

Initial Public Offer-I.P.O

Only S.A & Botswana allow transgender

1% of the world pop are transgenders

2000Bags of compost sold by Zoomlion 

61% Organic, 14% plastic waste

$Ibn for Sanitation in Ghana

History is define as gossiping about the untold- Herbert

0.1 Kilo of waste by a person a day

3rd Oct,1873- Arrival of Sir Garnet Wilson(Sagrenti)

27th Dec, 1883-British first attack on Ashanti

Elsie Awagy-Dept Governor BoG

Alexander Graham Bell-Telephone discoverer 186..

Growth Rate-17.5%

Economic Growth 3.6% in 2016 lowest in 22years to 7.9% in 2018

Inflation-From 15.6% in 2016 to 10% in 2018
Sun Tsuof War

Martin Amidu-You dont throw the water away with the baby

Shakespeare-There are ma,ny opinions as there are men no

Time is the Currency of life-Bernard Avle


1. Cultivating Phase-sending messages, I love voice outs

2. Cruising Phase- Going on vacations, holidays, outingsConversion, things start changing

Crushing, where u want, divorce

Anything that  makes marriage work can make life work, but not vice versa, Dr Hopeson.

Download keeping love alive breakfast show

Article 199(4)- Age limitations on appointment

Naana Novdec

Algromorxtis- cold temperature

Rigormortis- Becoming stiff n pale

Hypo-low temperature

Hyper-high temperature

Never give Up-Kuntunse Pastor

1Chor 15:57

Ps 139:14, 2Tm 3:2-4


Base Rate-25.6%

Albert Ocran-Comet Gh

Mozat-Music writer

43% of Ghanaians are overweight

10yrs Cashew dev’t plan

Ghana has only 33 Veterinary doctors

SharesJulius Caesar- Casca in Act 1 Scene 3…And yesterday the bird of the night did sit..Even at noonday upon the marketplace..Hooting & Shrieking

Latin “audi alteram partem rule”-Listen to the order side or let the order side be heard as well- Basic tenet of Natural Justice

Be all and end all-the beginning and the end

Scream like a barn Owl(Tyto Alba)

Shriek like a bobcat

Mark 16:15- Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.

Interest Rate-30% Base rate-20%

Patricia Appiahgyei-Dep’t Environment Min

Philip Asiedu & Abuga Pele-Ghc4.1m Geeda saga

1,100km Accra Burkina rail line.

Descern the course of disappointment

Interpret the course

Sincere of your feelings

Adjust to accommodate

P-Prepare for imperfection

P- Promote your connectivity

O-Open up

I-Innitiate the communication

T-Trust this process

M- Be mindful

E-Engage without interruption

N- Never give up on the Process

T- Trumph over your disappointment

Article 296-Subject discretionary power to regulations.

1.6m hectares of Forest in Ghana

Im illegal weapons in Ghana

Popular latin phrases

Abudape, Ibrahim Adams, Kwame Peprah, Tsatsu Tsikata were sentenced in 2003 for corruption

By the testimony of two a fact is established

DJ Cole-Samsung President

Act 550-Declaration of asset

87 in the world, 8th in Africa, 3rd Best in West Africa-Ghana Police

Mac Nooman- Hearts new C.E.O

Sir Kitson- Discovered Bauxite in Atiwa

Dr Agnes Adu-Director of Trade Fair Center

Mr Demetri Suslov-Russian Ambassador to Ghana

Acronym for Marriage





I-Inter dependency




Search Jah shall wash away all the tears from 

1.4 1.7% budgetary allocation to Security as 3.3% allocation to Botswana Police 

Cop-Community Police

1 Police- 800 people

U.N target 1Police- 500people

Cpt Rtd Budu Koomson- “How the Mighty falls” by Jim Collins

“Put a peg in a round hole”

“Nip it in the bag”

True woman demand for Principles to vision not pills for abortion.

Catch the Spirit of the Ministry- Ps Billins 4th March, 2018

1.You should have the spirit servantship Num.11:17

2. You must be ready to honour leadership

3. All ministrants should have a singular purpose.

Joshua served Moses- Js 1:1


4. Servant has no mind of your own

5. Your leader is always right

Mission of GHBCI

1. Evangelism

2.Seeking others welfare

Signs of a Servant

1. Every servant has a master Mal 1:6

2. A servant is at the back & core of his Servant..Mt 8:9

3. You are not beyond your master

4. A servant can not be embarrassed by the assignment of the mas Phil 2:8

5. A servant must promote his master whiles he stays below Jn 3:30

6. A Servant must minister to his Master with his substance Lk 8:2

7. A Servant who serves well have a reward Phil 2:9, Hb 12:2

Maame Dufie Ofori- PURC Ex Director

Kofi Capito- Consumer Protection Agency

From 3rd to first World Singapore

How Nations fail

Nana Awre Damuah-




Talk to completely and compose

R-Relate confidential

A-Admittance purposely

C-Compete cupli

T-Taking risk

Expectations, Experience & Expressions- rules Relationships-Amos Annan Citi fam life 


One can blatantly see or feel the quagmire(state of confusion)  final year students find themselves in when making the very critical decisions of destinations for attachment.​

Uploading…It is an undisputed factthat the decision one will make today has the propensity to determine the success or ruin of one’s career. I must first acknowledge the Great orientation effort by Management for us(level 400’s).

Below are 6 cogent points I believe one must consider in making this salient decision, in addition to the enormous beneficial advice given to us by our father Mr Listowell and faculty.

1. LEARNING ENVIRONMENT(room for mistakes)

The Livio English dictionary defines environment as a particular social setting, arena or condition”.

Why Learning Environment? Learning Environment because, the last time I checked, prior to the 2016 General Elections, reknowned, eloquent, articulate celebrated Super Morning Show Host on Joy Fm, Kojo Yankson was given a two weeks suspension for an offence of cracking a joke on the incumbent President then, Mr John Dramani Mahama. From a hindsight, the issue would probably have been no issue had it occurred in a budding or young media house.

Therefore in making this all important career choice, I suggest we consider destinations that have enough room to tolerate our mistakes.


Adaptability connotes one’s ability to fit or suit a place or purpose. It would be very disingenuous of me to quote the exact time spand one will take to adopt to a media house or an attached institution. 

I suggest one should carryout a personal adaptability assessment on him or herself, devoid of peer influence to determine how easy or cumbersome(difficult) it will take you to adapt, fit or suit into what they term as the modus operandi(mode of operations) of a ‘big’or ‘small’ institution.

Never forget, adaptability is relative, so don’t be influenced by your peers.


Proximity denotes distance while cost as we all know engulfs finance or money. The Distance and it cost in accessing your attached institution is very imperative, and therefore humbly suggest that it informs your choice. Don’t forget,I maybe quite oblivious, but  am yet to know any institution especially media house that will pay an ‘attachee’ immediately after commencing work. Well!! you may the exceptional one

Least I forget, no competent media house or institution tolerates  absenteeism.


Hmm relevance, would it be important to explain relevance?Well!! Talking about relevance, please sincerely ask yourself this questions.

1. What is your area of specialization(what do you do best)?

2. What is your dream institution’s area of specialty?

3. Is there any nexus or link between your area of specialty and theirs(preferred institution)?

4. If there is, great!!

5. If there isn’t, please advice yourself.


Again, I guess no need to worry my dictionary. Exposure is simply getting exposed. As far as I appear to be a proponent for budding or young  learning environments, I can confidently speak without any sense of cynicism that a non-visioned, non objective or goal oriented free media house or institution can jeopardize, kill and burry your vision(career).

Please have in mind exposure while you make this decision, but never forget under exposure is better than over exposure. Over exposure can disintegrate your body, spirit and soul, even the unknown infinitesimal part of you. Please let’s be extra careful.


This point is quite synonymous to my earlier point relevance. Benchmark according to the Livio English Dictionary is “a standard by which something is evaluated or measured”. Don’t forget, every competent institution has it already set standards or benchmarks. It will never be compromised or diluted to fit or suit in anyone.

It is either you are ready to operate within the set benchmarks or standards, or find yourself completing your attachment prematurely(early before everyone). 

Woow!! I almost forgot guys, on a brighter note, you can gather an unprecedented momentum(vim or morale) and raise higher the set benchmarks or standards in your attached institution.

Dont be pessimistic, YOU CAN DO IT.

Please note, THE BIG 6 POINTS TO ATTACHMENT SUCCESS is not mandatory but free suggestions.

As our Papa, Mr Listowell always say,not the best students always excel, but the humble.

With Determination, Humility(readiness to learn) & Favor(from God), we will all come out victorious. Congratulations to us all for successful completion.


Champions League Quarter-final draw

The Champions League quarter-final draw has been made and there are, as you’d expect, some interesting match-ups.

The final pairing saw Liverpool drawn with Man City, meaning that there is an all-Premier League clash to look forward to. Jurgen Klopp’s side are the top scorers in the competition so far with 28 goals and City are no slouches either. Indeed, if their previous meetings this year are anything to go by, this will be a goal-fest.

Holders Real Madrid have been drawn against Juventus in a repeat of last season’s final, while Barcelona have been handed an assignment against Roma. Sevilla, who are taking part in the quarter-final of the Champions League for the first time must travel to Germany to face Jupp Heynkes’ Bayern Munich.

Which quarter-final match are you most excited about? Let us know!

The draw in full:

Barcelona vs Roma
Sevilla vs Bayern Munich
Juventus vs Real Madrid
Liverpool vs Man City

China’s Xi allowed to remain ‘president forlife’ as term limits removed

China’s Xi allowed to remain ‘president for life’ as term limits removed China has approved the removal of term limits for its leader, in a move that effectively allowsXi Jinping to remain as president for life.​

The constitutional changes were passed by China’s annual sitting of the National People’s Congress on Sunday.

The vote was widely regarded as a rubber-,stamping exercise. Two delegates voted against the change and three abstained, out of 2,964 votes.

China had imposed a two-term limit on its president since the 1990s.

But Mr Xi, who would have been due to step down in 2023, defied the tradition of presenting a potential successor during October’s Communist Party Congress. Instead, he consolidated his political power as the party voted to enshrine his name and political ideology in the party’s constitution – elevating his status to the level of its founder, Chairman Mao.

On paper, the congress is the most powerful legislative body in China – similar to the parliament in other nations. But it was widely believed that it would approve what it was told to. In depth: Xi, the president who lived in a cave

How China’s ‘two sessions’ meetings work A Chinese move that many expected Xi forever?

Analysis by Stephen McDonell, BBC China correspondent in Beijing. It is now hard to see Xi Jinping being challenged in any way whatsoever.

He has amassed power the likes of which has not been seen since Chairman Mao Zedong. Only five years ago Beijing was being ruled by a collective leadership. Under ex-President Hu Jintao you could imagine differing views being expressed in the then nine-member Politburo Standing Committee.

There was a feeling that Mr Hu needed to please various factions within the Communist Party and it seemed that every 10 years a new leader would come along with their own people in a process of smooth transition.

From today all this has gone. The constitution has been altered to allow Xi Jinping to remain as president beyond two terms and they would not have gone to this much trouble if that was not exactly what he intended to do.

There has been no national debate as to whether a leader should be allowed to stay on for as long as they choose. Quietly but surely Xi Jinping has changed the way his country is governed, with himself well and truly at the core.

Rare dissent The issue is not, however, without controversy. Online censors in China have been blocking discussion around the topic, including images of Winnie the Pooh. Social media users have taken to using the cartoon character to represent Mr Xi.

One government critic described the proposal in an open letter last month as a “farce” , in a rare show of public dissent.

Former state newspaper editor Li Datong wrote that scrapping term limits for the president and vice-president would sow the seeds of chaos – in a message sent to some members of the national congress.

“I couldn’t bear it any more. I was discussing with my friends and we were enraged. We have to voice our opposition,” he told BBC Chinese.

State media, however, have portrayed the changes as much-needed reform.

US President Donald Trump was criticised by some commentators for seeming to approve of Mr Xi’s unlimited rule, saying on Monday: “President for life… I think it’s great. Maybe we’ll have to give that a shot some day.”

At a political rally on Saturday, Mr Trump insisted he had merely been joking during a fundraiser, ,and that his comments were represented unfairly by some media.

Xi Jinping thought ,Mr Xi’s possible third term is not the only item ,the National People’s Congress is likely to approve. It was also expected to: confirm China’s new government line-up for the next five years, kicking off Xi Jinping’s second term as president ratify a law to set up a new powerful anti-corruption agency ,ratify the inclusion of the president’s political philosophy – “Xi Jinping thought” – in the constitution

Xi Jinping thought is the ideology approved by the Communist Party last October. Officially, it is “Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for the New Era”.

Schoolchildren, college students and staff at state factories will have to study the political ideology, which the Communist Party is trying to portray as a new chapter for modern China.

More on China under Xi

Human cost of China’s economic reforms. The changing Chinese family in five charts

The lawyer who simply vanished

Mr Xi became president in 2012, and quickly consolidated personal power while cementing China as the regional superpower.

He also fought corruption, punishing more than a million party members – which has helped his popularity among some.

At the same time, however, China has clamped down on many emerging freedoms, increasing its state surveillance and censorship programs.

Critics also say Mr Xi has used the anti-corruption purge to sideline political rivals.